Employee Advocacy 2020

Employee Advocacy 2020

What’s next in Social Media

Employee Advocacy is an important tool for companies that want to engage more deeply with their customers, reach more prospects, and support their employees’ professional development. It is still early days though, and understanding what’s next isn’t always easy.

That’s why I’m interviewing some of the leading technology providers in this space to help us all get a better roadmap of where we are headed.

My first interview is with Glenn Gaudet, CEO of GaggleAMP. Glenn has been a pioneer in the employee advocacy industry and continues to lead innovation in Employee Advocacy.

“A solid employee advocacy program takes training, patience, and most of all, action, on behalf of the program manager and program participants. It can reap fantastic value cross-departmentally when properly managed, but does require ongoing support and maintenance to see the full value and potential.” Glenn Gaudet, CEO GaggleAMP.

Personally, I think that we will see blurring of the lines between employee advocacy, social selling, executive social activation, influencer marketing, and partner programs.